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Sacrament of Marriage

Celebrating your wedding at St. Francis de Sales


Welcome, congratulations and best wishes on your engagement! Thank you for your interest in celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage at St. Francis de Sales.

On our website, you will find information and guidelines intended to assist you. Please take the time to read these materials carefully as they have been prepared to help you, as well as to promote clarity regarding the expectations and requirements for weddings at St. Francis de Sales and in the state of Ohio.

To book a wedding, schedule an appointment or receive further information, please call the Parish office at (513) 961-1945 or email wedding@saintfrancisdesalesparish.org.

Be sure to like us on Facebook and check out photos from previous weddings; review the wonderful musicians we commonly work with on the Musician Referral section; take a look at a our “Video” section and see what a wedding at St. Francis de Sales really looks like, or discover how to obtain an Ohio Marriage License.


Wedding Guidelines

The pastoral staff thanks you for your decision to celebrate the sacrament of marriage at St. Francis de Sales. We encourage you to view your wedding ceremony as the sacramental introduction to a blessed and happy union.

It is our desire to make your wedding as beautiful and meaningful as possible.  We have prepared the following guidelines to help you and to answer the many questions you may have. We ask you to read them carefully as you will be held responsible for their content.

The pastoral wedding contact, Bonnie Lee Davis, will be your liaison for all elements concerning use of the Church and your wedding ceremony.  She can be reached by phone between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at (513) 961-1945 x 150 or at weddings@stfrancisds.com



Please contact Bonnie Lee Davis, Office Manager for information regarding fees.  We require an initial deposit to hold the date and time, but the balance must be paid one (1) month prior to the scheduled wedding date. Your fee covers the rental of the church; it does not include the stipend for the musician(s) or the presider.


Who May Be Married at St. Francis de Sales?

Any Roman Catholic who receives permission from his/her pastor can be married at St. Francis de Sales. For your wedding ceremony, you will need to secure the services of a priest or deacon to officiate at the ceremony. The clergy person who will preside at your ceremony will be given delegation by the pastor of St. Francis de Sales. It is also necessary for your clergy person to possess a license to perform weddings in Ohio.


When Can You Be Married at St. Francis de Sales?

Weddings are usually held at St. Francis de Sales on Saturdays.  We schedule two weddings, the time options are: 2:00 or 2:30 p.m.; 5:00 or 5:30 p.m.


Legal Requirements for Marriage

The deacon or priest who will preside at your marriage will inform you of all the civil and church requirements for your wedding ceremony.


Who May Perform the Ceremony?

Ordinarily, if Catholic, the pastor of the bride will perform your wedding ceremony. Any priest-relative, etc., in good standing is welcome to St. Francis de Sales with the approval of our Pastor. In the case of a mixed religion, the minister of the non-Catholic person is most welcome to participate.


Setting the Date and Time

The Church is rented for three hours for the ceremony and one hour for the rehearsal. The three hours on the day of the wedding includes time for preparation, ceremony and clean-up (one hour before the scheduled time, one hour for the ceremony and one hour after the ceremony).

Photographers, videographers and florists should be made aware of this time framework and carefully plan their activities accordingly. Due to the fact that we may have two weddings on any given Saturday, these guidelines must be followed strictly. Please DO NOT arrive at the church before your scheduled time.


The Church Building

At all times, please conduct yourselves with dignity and decorum in our church. Eating and drinking, especially alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to inform their guests or attendants beforehand of our community belief in the sacredness of the occasion and our church.



We have both piano and organ for your use.  Music is a basic element of all liturgical celebrations, including weddings. Contemporary Christian Music is acceptable. Popular music, show tunes from Broadway musicals and themes from movies are used at the discretion of the clergy person. Normally the musician chosen is the person you work with in planning the music. Please call our parish office if you need a musician referral.



Pew decorations are permitted but should not be placed with masking tape or other items that deface the pews. Damage to the pews or other Church property by florists is the responsibility of the wedding couple and their florist and they will be held liable. Our church has no aisle linen (runner), nor do we permit aisle runners.

Facing the main altar, there are 27 pews on the left side and 29 pews on the right of the center, providing a seating capacity of 733. Please designate someone to clear the Church of all decorations – aisle candles, pew bows, potted plants, flower stands, outside decorations, etc.  All must be picked up directly after the ceremony. Flowers brought to the Church are also considered to be a decoration, if one bouquet or floral arrangement could be left for the parish, we would be grateful.


No decorations are permitted on the altar table and lectern. Decorations on the outdoor front lamp posts need to be removed after the ceremony. If you use a unity candle, St. Francis de Sales can provide a table with a lace cloth and the candle holder which requires two 1/2 inch tapers and one 2 3/4 inch pillar candle. You need to provide these candles.


When ordering the flowers for your wedding, we ask you to respect the decorations present in the sanctuary area or near the altar during certain liturgical seasons of the year. These flowers or other decorations are not to be moved. Our staff will work with the florist to make adaptations for placement of your flowers. The special seasons include Advent, Christmas, and the Easter Season that ends on the Feast of Pentecost. Normally the Church is not decorated during Ordinary Time of the liturgical year except for special occasions being sponsored by the parish.



There is ample parking in the lot along Woodburn Ave. If additional parking is needed, the Purcell Marian parking lot along Madison Rd. and Hackberry St. may be used.



The possession of and/or use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited in St. Francis de Sales Church and property. This includes during the rehearsal, before and after the wedding ceremony and at picture taking time.


Rice, Bird Seed, and Confetti

We ask you not to throw or use rice, bird seed, confetti or other similar substances before or after the ceremony.


Pictures and Video

We ask that your photographer and videographer check with the clergy person regarding appropriate protocol for picture taking.  Pictures may be taken in the Church before or after the ceremony.

Live streaming is provided of the wedding ceremony and can be viewed on the computer. (This does not take the place of a videographer) We ask that you contact the parish office if you have questions about streaming or would like to purchase a copy (DVD) of the streaming.


Sound System

We have a professionally engineered sound system. There is no need for further adjustments to any piece of equipment. Ample microphones, stands, etc., are available.


Dressing Room

St. Francis de Sales is an old church and does not have a Bride’s Dressing Room. The wedding party will need to find another location in which to dress. The Woodburn Avenue side of the vestibule can be used for your gathering place before the ceremony begins. Please do not leave any valuables in this area once the ceremony begins.



The rehearsal is on the Friday before the wedding either at 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. We allow one full hour for the rehearsal. Since the Blessed Sacrament is present in the church, we ask that reverence be maintained during the rehearsal.



Wedding Musician List

  St. Francis de Sales has both a piano & organ for your use.



  Paula Chal  & Ensemble • (859) 803-3021 • paulachalsings.com or email:  pbchal@yahoo.com

  Krista Cornish Scott • (513) 578-0421 • kcornishscott@gmail.com

  Mary Southworth Schafer • (513) 615-4337 • marysouth@gmail.com

  Kathryn Zajac • (419) 704-5072

  Tyler Alessi • St. Francis deSales Cantor • tyleralessi@gmail.com

  Murrella Parton • St. Francis deSales Cantor • mparton@icloud.com

  Douglas Easterling • (615) 556-1669  • DHEasterling@gmail.com

  Matthew Worth • (860) 9903695 • Matthew.worth@gmail.com



  Julie Spangler •  (513) 300-4857

  Rick Hagee • 513-708-0429 • rickhagee@icloud.com



  Jim Vennemeyer  •  (513) 886-1472 •  vennemeyerj@gmail.com

  Jim can also be contacted to engage the Apple Street Brass Quartet

  Jeff Shaffer • (513) 613-0001 • jeffreyshaffer@gmail.com



  Amy Kiradjieff • (513) 481-5488

  Manami White • (513) 702-4046



  Chrissy Coletta • (513) 252-1439

  Esther Kang • (513) 549-4183 • estherkamgsop@gmail.com



  Paula Chal  • (859) 803-3021 • pbchal@yahoo.com




It is necessary according to both Church law and civil law that certain documents are procured before the wedding.



The Church requires a recently issued baptismal certificate.  Contact the parish where you were baptized six months prior to your wedding to request a copy of your baptismal certificate.  This certificate should be given to the clergy person preparing you for marriage.



You will need an Ohio marriage license issued no more than sixty days prior to the wedding date.  The license is obtained at Hamilton County Probate Court, James Cissell, Judge 230 E. Ninth Street, 10th Floor Cincinnati, OH 45202-2145.  Please visit their webpage at http://www.probatect.org/marriagelicenses/index.htm.  Or you may call the court’s 24 Hour Recorded Information Line at (513) 946-3589.



If you or your partner has been previously married, you will need either a statement of a Church annulment or a death certificate of your former spouse.



If you have any questions or need more information, please contact St. Francis de Sales Office 
at (513) 961-1945 ext. 150 Monday thru - Friday between 9:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m.
or email:




How about the decorations, can they be changed?

When planning your wedding date you need to take into account the fact that our parish Church is appropriately decorated according to the Universal Church’s liturgical calendar year.  Many parish members contribute time and energy to this end because the celebration of our parish Mass is a priority for the community.

How might this affect you? Just know that the décor of the liturgical season takes precedence over your wedding decoration choices and they will not be adjusted or removed for your wedding.

We are very happy to have you as a guest to celebrate your wedding ceremony at St. Francis de Sales and, within reason, we are willing to work with you to provide you with a unique and sacred Sanctuary space on the day of your wedding, but it would be impossible for us to redecorate the church for each couple’s specific needs.

How we choose to decorate the Church for the liturgical seasons is subject to change: e.g., the number of poinsettias at Christmas or color of flowers at Easter.  We do have a tradition of streaming a white cloth from the center of our ceiling above the Main Altar down towards the two columns framing the altar. This specific decoration cannot be moved or adjusted for your wedding.  If this is a significant point of contention for you or your wedding planner please plan around the dates from Easter to Pentecost.




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