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Church Opens for the Celebration of MASS

  Sunday @ 10:00 AM

Wednesday @ 6:00 PM

All Masses are Streamed


COVID-19 Protocol for Mass

At St. Francis de Sales we have established the following guidelines. We expect full cooperation from those that attend public Mass and will continue to review these guidelines on a weekly basis.   For our celebration, my goal is to provide a prayerful setting & secure, as best I can, the good health of each other as well as my own.


  • When you enter the church (for any reason), you MUST wear a mask and wear throughout Mass.
  • Pre-existing health issues or feel ill please stay home.
  • No handshaking anytime.
  • Social distancing will be practiced. Every other pew is roped-off as unavailable. Individuals allow 6 feet distancing from others. Families or groups that have been in contact with each other will most likely sit together. Be mindful of groups and keep space 6 feet from them.
  • Distribution of communion –  the host will be placed in your hand then return to pew to place host in your mouth.
  • Singing behind a mask will be a challenge for all, but no one can block your heart.  Maybe hum.
  • We will not close restrooms off during Mass, but we ask that you use them wisely and clean-up behind yourself to ensure the safety of others.
  • After Mass exit the church promptly and please do not engage in social conversation in church for now. This allows a clearer path for all to exit church. Conversation & social distancing can occur outside of church for those who choose to do so.

There will, however, be mistakes in the future, and so your vigilance is welcomed so that the good of all will be fostered. While there are many ways to go about our seeking to pray together, we will do our best to listen to & heed the views that are practical & respect the spirituality of each person who is attending Mass.     


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