Brother Paul’s Thoughts and Musings Regarding the “Signs of the Times”

Sunday, June 23, 2024 –  Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

On this joyous day in the life of our parish, I paraphrase, and take a little liberty, with the lyrics of this John Foley, S.J. song, All Shall Be Well (1985):

All shall be well, on our June skies.  See Christ the Son of Righteous arise.   ++   All shall be well, the tower work is done.  The price of love and care displayed.  ++   All shall be well, the cross of worry is passed.  The dark night is done, bright morning comes at last.   ++   Jesus alive! Rejoice and sing again.  All shall be well forever more Amen!

Today, the damage done by the July 6, 2022 storm fades into distant memory. What was aged and damaged has been renewed. What has been restored offers fresh hope for our parish for many years and generations to come. There is great reason for us to rejoice. And equally important, for the first time in roughly five years, our parish can gather as a whole for a great celebration and to spend time together. It is about time.

This celebration today and what we have gone through over the past two years also is a symbol of our lives for us to consider. Our days have setbacks and “bumps in the road.” Some of these do not naturally go away instantly in a day or two. They call for planning and significant adjustments in correcting them and how to proceed into the future. They may call for a conversion of heart. This takes time and perseverance to achieve. Structures/adjustments (like scaffolding) need to be put into place to help us rectify the setback or issue we face. But with time, patience, determination, dedication, and prayer, as has been the case with our tower repair, newness does take place and there is a reason to “pop the cork” and celebrate the achievement of overcoming the obstacle.

In a Biblical sense, we all have our Paschal Mysteries in life. We have those events which create passion/drama for us. But we believe that these, which lead to our own crosses, can also bring renewal and resurrection. During this week, as we celebrate the restoration of our church, we can also reflect and celebrate those circumstances when we experienced a passion, death, but then finally a resurrection and new life. God always offers us these opportunities.

Hopefully, as we move through this day of celebration and thanks, we celebrate our church, but also, we can celebrate various personal and familial restorations, renewals and victories we have experienced. And again, from the beginning, now, and into the future, “God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good—Amen, Alleluia!!!