Fr. Gene’s Daily Prayer

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You are revered by many names, O God, and
while we believe You are One, we also celebrate
You as a Trinity. The love You generate is known
to us as Jesus and the relation to that Love we
acknowledge as the Spirit. While we stand before
this mystery, lead us to true adoration. In You
we live and breathe and have our being today
and forever
+++ +++ Trinity Sunday +++ 166 +++
In a trinity of being, You model for us, O God, a
community of righteousness and justice. In You
we believe that there is no hierarchy but rather
a harmony of being which allows perfect access
one to another. While we ponder this mystery,
we adore You with the work of our lives to be
Your disciples today and forever
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7 hours ago

Your embrace, O God, reaches to the ends of
creation which due to sin and our humanity
lives in brokenness. And contrary to our
reasoning, You do not abandon us in our sins,
but You constantly prowl the night skys seeking
ways to attract our attention and draw us to
Yourself. Continue to open our ears and our
hearts so that attending to You we will
announce Your saving presence today and
+++++ +++++ 364 +++++ +++++
Your word to us is GIFT and our word to You,
O God, is THANKS. We awaken to gratitude as
we ponder the many gifts we have received. See
our thanks in the works of our hands and our
commitment to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. As we
become more and more aware of our very diverse
world population, continue to show us the paths
that will lead us gather in the great symphony
which will sing Your praise today and forever
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1 day ago

Your gift to us, O God, is a vision of Your
kin[g]dom which captures our hearts and to
which we give our lives. It is our challenge
every day to give life to what we believe.
Continue to enfame our hearts with Your
Pentecost Spirit and encourage us with Your
word so that we will stay the path of
discipleship today and forever
+++++ +++++ 363 +++++ +++++
Our life and our vocation are gifts from You,
O God of life, and so see our thanks in our daily
work to reveal Your kin[g]dom. In the midst of
many difficulties, our own and those of our
brothers and sisters, good is still done. You
have touched our hearts with the fire of Your
Spirit and that has made all the difference to
the challenges we face. With Your hand at our
backs, we praise You and move forward today
and forever
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2 days ago

While we seek, O God, to receive Your word with
open hearts, we contend with the many voices
and the demands of our day. And because we
are searchers, we turn here and there expecting
to get the best reception. Help us to remove the
veils which cloud our view and move us to
announce most clearly the presence of Your
kin[g]dom today and forever
+++++ +++++ 362 +++++ +++++
We are blessed, O God, by Your word, not so
much because we follow it perfectly, but rather
because wherever we have wandered, it still
echoes in our hearts. We are forever held in
Your embrace. Continue to open our ears to
Your call and lift the shame or embarrassment
which we believe separates us from You. With
Your Spirit’s fire. send us to remake the face
of the earth in Your image today and forever
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3 days ago

By the gift of Your Spirit, O God, You have lifted
us and given us the vocation to announce Your
saving presence. Because we share the same
humanity as our brothers and sisters, we walk
together with compassion and understanding.
Your gift focuses us on encouragement, and so
we aim to knit a people who will remake the face
of the earth in Your image today and forever
+++++ +++++ 361 +++++ +++++
You have set before us, O God, the vision of Your
kin{g]dom of righteousness and justice, and
because it fills our hearts, we have said YES to
walking in Your way. And because the journey is
long and challenging, we often are discouraged.
Renew us each day with the fire of Your Spirit
and remind us of our YES so that we will
continue as Your disciples today and forever
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4 days ago

Once more, Mary, in your actions, you show us
who you are. It is little that your first pregnancy
absorbs so much of your attention. You still
have the energy to attend to Elizabeth. Teach us
through your thoughtfulness how to include the
lives of our brothers and sisters in our view so
that we will continue to knit a people who care
one for another today and forever
+++ Mary’s Visitation +++ 572 +++
You risk your life in this pregnancy, Mary,
because God has asked you to be key to Jesus’
entrance into the world. While we are blessed
by your YES, our church still struggles to act
so that all women are included as essential to
God’s plan. Open our eyes and hearts to the
example of your life so that our actions also
will continue your YES to the God who seeks
to embrace all today and forever
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2 weeks ago

Point us, O God, in the direction where we will
ponder and bring to life this miracle of Jesus’
resurrection. While we say YES and celebrate,
it is so easy to let the next event in our lives to
move us down the road. Help us to stop, to take
a moment here and there just to open our
hearts to the miracle and mystery. Renew us
with Mary’s touch today and forever
+++++ +++++ 294 +++++ +++++
While we live in You, O God, we can wander to
places and be trapped by behaviors that are all
too foreign to the YES we have said to You. And
so we live working to unite the divine and the
human which describes our lot. In a way similar
to Jesus being divine and human, we seek to
unite both in our lives. We thank You for the
vision and pray for the grace which will allow
us to walk in the truth of who we are, Your
people on the journey today and forever
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2 weeks ago

We who have said YES to the resurrection of
Jesus, O God, have no more claim to
understanding than our brothers and sisters
who doubt or say no. As believers, we carry
with us a certain awe which allows space for
“what if?” Continue to open our hearts to that
which we do not understand and lead us to
join our faith to the song of the universe
today and forever
+++++ +++++ 293 +++++ +++++
We live in so much mystery, O God, and so we
walk by faith. What we know for certain seems
to shrink each day and so, like those who see
poorly, we are led by You who sees clearly.
Continue with Your word and Your Spirit to
soften the hard edges of our hearts so that we
will hear the pieces of the truth carried by our
brothers and sisters and thus we will remake
the face of the earth in Your image today and
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3 weeks ago

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