Fr. Gene’s Daily Prayer

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Beyond being Your servants, O God, You have
invited us into a relation where You ask us to
mirror Your light to the nations. And though
we say YES, we struggle to hold Your light
even before our families and neighbors. While
our hearts are Yours, our actions are challenged
to follow. Through our prayer and Your word
renew in us the fire of Your Spirit so that our
words and deeds will reveal the marks of Your
kin[g]dom today and forever
+++ +++ 2nd in OT +++ 64 +++ +++
As part of Your eternal covenant, O God, and in
Your continuous graciousness, You sent Jesus
into our midst to take away sin and show us
how to live as Your disciples. We are awed to be
the recipients of such largess. Each day we
work in Your vineyard, and whether we succeed
or fail, we pray to be open to Your constant
encouragement so that our discipleship will
always reveal Your saving presence today and
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18 hours ago

We pray, O God, for a gift which will touch the
hearts of all people and bring about a unity
beginning family by family and extending from
nation to nation. All of creation aches to be at
one and yet the cries of our hearts are at odds
with our day to day actions. Open our hearts
to Your words and lead us to the kin[g]dom
for which we pray. Let there be signs of Your
presence and our faith in all we do and say
today and forever
+++++ +++++ 310 +++++ +++++
Would, we pray O God, that we might recognize
ourselves as a church comfortable in the
gathering of sinners! And though we do not see
ourselves as such, we are such a church where
ironically we call ourselves holy as we separate
out those we call sinners. How did we arrive
here? You see us for who and what we are, and
still You urge us each day to gather and feed
Your flock. Lead us to be the disciples Jesus
invited to follow Him, and let our YES be seen
in our words and deeds today and forever
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2 days ago

Because Your embrace is constant, You do not
count our failures, O God, and whether we
listen or not, You open Your word to us every
day. Were we to listen, we would struggle less
with our own objectives which often get in the
way. Through our prayer and Your word, open
our hearts to Your graciousness. Help us to
focus continually on the lives of Jesus, Mary,
and our saints so that their example will guide
us through all that is before us, our joys and
sorrows today and forever
+++++ +++++ 309 +++++ +++++
We speak with many words, O God, and the
most amazing and life-giving are those which
come from the lips of our church. “Child, your
sins are forgiven!” Inspire us with the light of
Your Spirit and the example of Jesus so that
every day we will scatter the seeds of Your
kin[g]dom and so replant the graces we have
been given. Help us to bless as we have been
blessed, to feed as we have been fed, and to
embrace as we have been embrace by You
today and forever
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3 days ago

Each day, O God, we contend with personal as
well as social and civic challenges, and all too
often we act as if we carry the weight alone.
Prompt us to remember that we live in You
and all that we meet, we meet with You. While
success is not always within our grasp, we
believe that the Spirit’s light, through all that
we meet, is what gives meaning to our
journey. Keep our faith alive today and
+++++ +++++ 308 +++++ +++++
While You have captured our hearts, O God, at
various times our trust in You wavers because
we seek assurances that exempt us from the
ebb and flow of our journey. To be truly
human means to live in success and failure,
in joy and sorrow. In all that we meet each day,
teach us through the life of Jesus and our
saints how to live as Your disciples so that the
marks of Your kin[g]dom will be seen in our
words and deeds today and forever
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4 days ago

Our prayer, O God, is our practicing to become
accustomed to listening for the word which
comes from You. Our weakness is that we
focus on our lives and needs and we forget
that Yours is a longer and broader vision.
Teach us with Your word and through our
successes and failures to see beyond our
limited horizons so that our discipleship
will point to Your saving presence in our
midst today and forever
+++++ +++++ 307 +++++ +++++
With grateful hearts, we thank You, O God, for
Your constant encouragement. Through all of
our successes and failures, You continue to
urge us forward. While we may be stymied by
our latest failure or misstep, You ask us not to
look back, but to continue the journey. That is
what pilgrims do. For Your words of life, we are
blessed and grateful today and forever
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5 days ago

Our cries to You, O God, are focused on what
we want or even what we think we need, and
so it is that our perspective is often narrow.
Through Your word and our prayer, open our
hearts to the cries of our brothers and sisters;
the aches of our world. From time to time, turn
our attention outward so that we will see our
gifts anew and so respond to reveal the marks
of Your kin[g]dom today and forever
+++++ +++++ 306 +++++ +++++
Our shame and darkness, O God, and those of
our brothers and sisters are not a curse but
rather they are part of who we are. No one of us
is exempt from the demons who seem to roam
freely. And yet our faith is that we live in You.
What mystery! Teach us through the inspiration
of Your Spirit the perseverance that moves us
forward so that the fruit of our journey is the
revelation of Your kin[g]dom on earth as it is
in heaven today and forever
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6 days ago

Jesus, that we may see! Our prayer, O God, is
born not so much in blindness but in the desire
to see the value of what we have received from
You. Too often, we compete with our brothers
and sisters and they seem always to be better
or have more. Open our eyes to the gifts that
You have given each of us so that we will use
Your gifts to the max and thus praise will come
from our hearts as well as our actions today
and forever
+++++ +++++ 305 +++++ +++++
We hear Your call, O God, and the words and
deeds of Jesus have captured our hearts. So
our response to You is YES! Along the way,
however, we are surrounded by many voices
who claim to speak in Your name and even
those who claim to know a better way. Though
our hearts are Yours, our actions often take us
down ill-chosen roads. Open our hearts to Your
constant call and give us the simplicity to admit
our errors. Awakening to Your embrace, lift us
to continue our discipleship today and forever
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7 days ago

To be named and called by You, O God, is the
joy and the challenge of our lives. We have said
YES to You, and You have sent Jesus to show
us how to live that YES. Through His words
and deeds, not shouting or breaking the
bruised reed, He will open the eyes of the blind,
bring light to those who live in darkness and
establish justice to the nations. Lift us to walk
in His footsteps so that Your kin[g]dom will be
seen in our words and deeds today and forever
+++++ +++++ 21 +++++ +++++
We walk from our prayer with a different
understanding of who we are and to what You
invite us, O God. While You promise always to
hold us in the palm of Your hand, You do not
exempt us from everything that is human. In
the midst of joys, there is sorrow, and while we
face trials and misfortunes, solace surfaces in
the brothers and sisters who are our faith
community. Let us always carry and trust the
inspiration of Your Spirit who gives us light
and life today and forever
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1 week ago

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