Fr. Gene’s Daily Prayer

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On every side, O God, there are voices which
claim to know how to meet the challenge of this
virus, and each of us is free to choose to whom
to listen. And while evidence is everywhere,
interpreting it is our task. As we venture forth
each day, lead us with the light of Your Spirit
to calm the fearful and meet with compassion
those who are most sure and in so doing we
will point to the marks of Your kin[g]dom
today and forever
+++++ +++++ 572 +++++ +++++
The YES you said to God, Mary, led you to walk
the Spirit inspired path which Jesus took. And
though we do not know if you physically
followed Him day by day, we believe that the
stories of His journey came to you and touched
your heart. In good news and in bad, you stayed
with Him and that brought you to the scene of
the cross. Touch our hearts with that same
faithfulness so that we, too, will walk your walk
today and forever
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17 hours ago

If ever there was a time, O God, it is now when
we need the fire of the Spirit and the ability to
speak so that each one hears in his or her own
language. By our own words and deeds we have
torn the fabric that knits a people and allowed
the demons of hatred and prejudice to roam
freely in our land. Send Your Spirit once more
to the people who cry out to You and open our
hearts and allow You to touch the evils that
are born there. Move us to renew the common
good for which we pray today and forever
+++++ +++++ 63 +++++ +++++
Though it cost Him dearly, O God, the peace
Jesus brought to our world and gave to His
disciples has not endured and we have an
inkling as to why. We want with all our hearts
to follow in His footsteps… to do as He did and
to say as He said. We see our failings and work
each day to mend our brokenness, and we pray
to know Your hand at our backs. In the midst
of success and failure, continue to lift and
encourage each of us so that we will continue
to remake the face of the earth in Your image
today and forever
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2 days ago

The struggles we face each day, O God, are
somewhat new to us. We are accustomed to
a daily pattern which gives us a certain
amount of security, and having that pattern
disrupted has changed everything. Lead us as
we pay attention to each other to develop new
habits of life together so that we will grow in
our care for each other and together we will
create a people whose lives point to the
kin[g]dom for which we pray today and
+++++ +++++ 302 +++++ +++++
The everyday mystery is that we live in You,
O God, and whether we acknowledge it or not,
Your embrace is eternal and unbreakable. We
pray for the light which reminds us that in good
days and in bad, we are never separated from
You. Enlighten us through Your word and our
prayer to the light You have planted in our
hearts and in all the days of our lives we will
mirror a relationship which gives meaning to
our lives today and forever
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3 days ago

Your invitation, O God, is constant and like
the insistent sales person, You are at our door
every morning waiting for us to follow You.
Sometimes we say we are not worthy and at
others we are ashamed or embarrassed to
face You. In place of focusing on our
successes or failures, lead us to keep a heart
open to Your word so that in good days and
bad we will continue as Your disciples
remaking the face of the earth in Your
image AMEN
+++++ +++++ 301 +++++ +++++
In Jesus, Mary, and our saints, we see, O God,
the meaning of Your invitation to discipleship.
And wondering why the word You plant in all
hearts does not always yield a hundred fold,
we awaken to see that our work needs to be
aimed to make all hearts a fruitful place for
Your word to grow. Let our words and deeds
touch and soften the hard edges of all hearts
so that the marks of Your kin[g]dom will be
seen throughout all lands today and forever
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4 days ago

Your words to us are clear and unchanging,
O God, and among them You ask that we walk
humbly before You, feed the hungry, and care
for the alien. The challenges we face often
regard our words to You. Because we are finite
and You are not, because we cannot wrap our
minds around Your being, we are consigned
to point in Your direction rather than capture
You with our words. Teach us to listen to each
other so that together as a people we will see
our lives lived in You today and forever
+++++ +++++ 300 +++++ +++++
Teach us, O God, how to be one in You! To
learn and clarify our thoughts, we are
accustomed to dividing and even by language
and culture we separate ourselves. But where
and how do we learn to be one? Who are the
teachers and where do we apply our efforts
to knit an orchestra that we will create a
grand symphony which will give honor to
Your act of creation? Open our hearts to the
light of Your Spirit today and forever
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5 days ago

While the goal of our journey remains constant,
O God, how is it that the events along the way
can easily divert our attention? And upon
reflection, we see that the successes and
failures along the way have added the spices
which have taken us to our heights and to our
depths. Continue to enlighten us with age and
Your Spirit so that our focus remains with You
and Your light shining on our day draws us
into the depths of Your being today and forever
+++++ +++++ 299 +++++ +++++
Lead us to see all that is before us in Your light,
O God. You invite each of us to take hold of and
cherish the humanity that You have given us.
And so teach us in our successes and failures
the empathy needed to walk with our brothers
and sisters. With the light of Your Spirit, show
us the way to knit a people who will remake
the face of the earth in Your image today and
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6 days ago

We continue wandering in the desert brought
about by this virus, and announcements come
from every side even predicting conflicting
information. None is encouraging. Because we
are believers, we look for a light that will shine
on a path that leads to the life in You, O God.
While You do not exempt us from the trials of
the journey, remind us that whether we see it
or not we walk in Your light. Our lives are in
Your hands this day and forever
+++++ +++++ 298 +++++ +++++
Though the storms rage all around us, O God,
and our boat gives every sign of being swamped,
we believe that our lives are in Your hands.
Regardless of the fears of the present moment,
we cling to that which we know because we are
afraid to let go. Open our eyes to the meaning
of the eternal life You have promised and teach
us how to cherish the phase where we live so
that in all, we will continue a YES to You and
follow in the footsteps of Jesus, Mary, and our
saints today and forever
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7 days ago

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