Fr. Gene’s Daily Prayer

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Once again, Mary, we turn to you in praise and
thanksgiving. It is to the lowly such as you are
to whom you come. Though they have the same
heart and soul as we, they experience every day
what it feels like to be ignored or forgotten.
Remind us, by your behavior, that as we go
through our day, we might keep an eye out for
those we could pass by. We pray with you today
and forever
+++++ +++++ Mary +++++ 690 +++++
We have named you Patron of the Americas,
Mary, and by that we join you in caring for the
people of this part of our earth. To those who
do not have the opportunity or the avenues to
use or develop the talents God has given them,
you show a special love and concern. Show us
the paths we can open so that all people will
be invited in to contribute the gifts each has
been given and so reveal the kin[g]dom for
which pray today and forever
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5 hours ago

While we wait in these Advent days, we work,
and from our work, O God, we grow weary. We
turn our prayer today and ask for Your light
and encouragement because all too often we
forget to include You in the events we face day
to day. We depend too heavily on our own
resources or what has worked in our past. Lift
us to respond to Your word and trust as Mary
did saying YES to Your inspiration today and
+++++ +++++ 183 +++++ +++++
We are grateful, O God, that You continue to
urge us forward and regardless of our success
or failures, You constantly open a vista before
us that is filled with the inspiration of Your
Spirit. We are besieged by negative voices and
while we stumble as we follow You, we ask for
the light to discern and the courage to follow
Your invitations. We pray for Mary’s trust. Let
the prayer of our Advent days prepare us for
the miracle of Jesus birth. The Impossible
becomes possible AMEN
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1 day ago

Each year, O God, we put our best foot forward
as we prepare for the birth of Jesus and
whether we are fully ready or not, You come.
We are awed because You the announce the
mystery of Your great love affair with creation
in the birth of this Babe. Through quiet and
activity, open our eyes and our hearts to Your
everyday births which groom us to see the
amazing event which soon comes. We pray
with Mary today and forever
+++++ +++++ 182 +++++ +++++
Your care for each of us, O God, touches our
hearts while it shocks and awakens us to the
mystery which fills our lives. From the greatest
to the least, each has a distinct presence in You
and Your embrace encloses all. In these Advent
days, lead us on the road that brings us to see
the kin[g]dom You have gathered and our role
in bringing it about in our day. We pray with
Mary and our community today and forever
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2 days ago

Once more, Mary, in prayer, we turn to you in
praise. The YES you said to God’s invitation is
key to the endless ways we seek to honor you.
We hold you in highest esteem because you are
a model of discipleship and we aim to respond
to God’s invitation in the same way as you.
Blessed are you who trusted and believed
+++ +++ Mary +++ +++ 689 +++
In prayer, we pour out our heart’s awe and
thanks, Mary, and hardly anything we do or
say can sufficiently touch how your life’s
choice has moved us. While we struggle with
our own goals and aspirations, we pray for
the courage to do as you did. The honors we
heap on you are our way to acknowledge the
life you lived. May the same grace which
inspired you move us to continue to say our
YES to God’s invitations today and forever
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3 days ago

In the hearts who await the birth of the Messiah,
You have planted a vision of Your kin[g}dom,
O God, and we work while we wait for that birth
on earth as well as in our hearts. It is
righteousness and justice, a place for the
outcast and the beginning of neighborliness
which mark the age we await. Teach us the
words and move us to the deeds which will
uncover and reveal the kin[g]dom for which
we pray and work today and forever
+++ +++ 2nd of Advent +++ 4 +++
You move us to the good, O God, and draw us
there with the simple sign of the birth of a babe.
You ask only that we act justly, love mercy and
walk humbly with You and while we say YES,
we pray for Your grace and encouragement.
Our many distractions are not evil, but they too
easily draw us from the path. With Your word
and Your Spirit lift and renew us so that in
these Advent days we will be alert to the miracle
of His birth AMEN
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4 days ago

You capture us, O God, with a vision of Your
kin[g]dom, and we long for the arrival of the
Messiah. And even though You ask us to live
in the now with the realities of our brokenness,
You do not leave us alone. These Advent days
remind us that the journey is everything and it
is Your hand at our backs which allows us to
say YES to the kin[g]dom while we walk in You
today and forever
+++++ +++++ 180 +++++ +++++
We labor in Your vineyard, O God, because
You have invited us and this is where we find
meaning and direction for our lives. There the
joys and challenges, the successes and failures
are the stuff of our everyday lives. And we go
with the flow mourning with those who mourn
rejoicing with those who rejoice while at each
moment we point to Your saving presence.
Teach us through Your word and our prayer
the lessons of this waiting season so that
our discipleship will speak truth to our
contemporaries today and forever
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5 days ago

We are slow to realize that we live in Your
embrace, O God, and we awaken in these
Advent days to the surprise that opposed to
our searching for You, You come to us! We
have only to wait for our eyes and hearts to
adjust to Your light. Renew our faith and lift
us from the darkness so that we will see the
many ways Jesus is born almost before our
eyes today and forever
+++++ +++++ 179 +++++ +++++
While we decorate our spaces to celebrate the
Mystery and the miracle of Jesus’ birth, help
us, O God, also to open our hearts. Our days
are crowded by too many voices who have
narrowed His birth to this or that particular
program or path and we are tempted to believe
that we control His birth in the heart of our
neighbor. Enlighten us to see the light of His
birth shining through those believers we have
called unclean so they will find space at the
table where we share Your meal today and
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6 days ago

Because we could miss the birth of Your Son in
our midst, we open our gates, O God, and listen
to the views and opinions which by fear or
prejudice we formerly locked out. We pray to
stay awake and watch. Open our hearts in those
rare moments of stillness which precede His
coming so that when it comes, we will catch
the song of the angels announcing new life
and hope today and forever
+++++ +++++ 178 +++++ +++++
You have captured our hearts and our lives,
O God, with the vision of Your kin[g]dom and
with Your grace, we say YES…and that should
be enough. Yet the journey is spotted with our
brokenness and we are tempted to hide and
whisper that we are not worthy to be in Your
presence. In this Advent season, awaken us to
the mystery of Your embrace and how it is that
Your Yes to us encompasses all that is sin and
grace in our lives. Move us to embrace a life
lived in You today and forever
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1 week ago

The dream that captures all of us, O God, is that
good will reign everywhere and the brokenness
which accompanies us will somehow disappear.
We live, however, in this world and at this time,
and so we pray to keep the vision of Your
kin[g]dom always alive and before us while we
wrestle with how to attend to and celebrate He
who comes as our Savior. In the midst of these
trying times, give us hope and bolster our
spirits. Let us focus on You today and forever
+++++ +++++ 176 +++++ +++++
Who is simple and naïve enough to cast his/her
lot with visionaries and dreamers? We live in at
least two worlds, O God, and the competition
for our attention is constant. While we are
pulled often in opposite directions, our hearts
yet remain in Your hands. Continue to lift and
encourage us so that Your light and voice will
always inspire and direct us. We pray today
and always
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1 week ago

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