Fr. Gene’s Daily Prayer

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The crowds shouted Hosanna and welcomed
Jesus to the city of the prophets, and the
irony of their welcome is lost neither on Him
nor us who once again witness the event. He
had to have an inkling of the events of the
week that loomed before Him. We already
know. Awaken us once more, O God, to our
life in You and through our prayer, remind
us that in good as well as bad days, we live
and breathe and have our being in You
+++++ +++++ 37 +++++ +++++
There is so much to which we have said YES,
O God, and so little that we understand. The
Jesus events which will unfold this week are,
for us, a constant source of pondering of an
endless mystery. Why did He say YES? Who
among the crowd, including His followers, saw
and understood? Did Mary attempt to intervene
with the authorities? Where was the mother of
John and James? Lead us as once more we
walk with Him and remind us that we, too, are
to drink the cup from which He drank. We pray
today and always
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5 hours ago

Through our different trials, O God, we pray
because we trust that we live in You, Our faith
does not leave in difficult times, but rather it
reminds us who we are and the relationship
to which You have invited us and to which
we have said YES. In our habit of daily prayer,
keep our hands steady at the wheel and our
hearts focused on Your word and the
inspiration of Your Spirit. Teach us to model
a faith that is the constant mirror of Your
embrace today and forever
+++++ +++++ 255 +++++ +++++
In these days when we are brought to a new
awareness of what it meant for our ancestors
to wander in the desert for forty years, we
understand how it is that they complained
and even cursed You, O God. Our patience
and the thickness of our skin wear thin.
Small irritations focus us on a pettiness
which can separate us one from another.
Renew in us a compassionate heart that
will see our brothers and sisters as You do,
Then we will live as a people who give You
praise today and forever
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2 days ago

You have promised and given us eternal life,
O God, and it is a gift, the depths of which, we
can only begin to plumb. Pondering brings us
to walk on the edge of mystery. Just as You are
eternal, so are we because, by faith, we have
always been held in Your heart. Open our
hearts to the mystery of life in You so that
all we do and say will give You praise today
and forever
+++++ +++++ 254 +++++ +++++
Nicodemus asked Jesus, “how can that be?”
and in those very simple words, he pointed,
for all believers, to the path of wonder and of
awe. Our temptations along the way, O God,
are to move our faith from our hearts and to
change our journey to following rules of
righteousness. In our Lenten prayer help us
to trust our movements to righteousness
while we live in an unending love affair of
Your eternal embrace today and forever
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3 days ago

Our cry to You, O God, is not so much that You
deliver us from the challenges of this journey,
but more we need the assurances that we are
guided by the light of Your Spirit. The desert
in which we wander is without boundaries and
we are unsure as to the direction we should
pursue. Most of all, how long will we wander?
Remind us that we are on the same journey
as Jesus, Mary, and our saints who
consistently trusted the light of Your Spirit
+++++ +++++ 253 +++++ +++++
Your word and the inspiration of Your Spirit
are the gifts You give to us each day, O God,
and we pray that we will be awake to recognize
the markers which point to the presence of
Your kin[g]dom. All too often the direction we
pursue is not where You might lead us, and
so we are sidetracked by an agenda which
seemed to achieve our good. Teach us through
the events of our day and the light of Your
Spirit how to be twenty-first century disciples
who will announce in word and deed Your
saving presence today and forever
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4 days ago

Because all share life on this planet, O God, we
are all, in one way or another, impacted by the
events of our day. Whether these come from
differences of political views, prejudices of our
hearts, or health care issues we have never
faced before, all walk the same road. We pray
this day that our faith and trust will model a
way to live in the reality of our challenges. We
open our hearts and actions to Your light
today and forever
+++++ +++++ 252 +++++ +++++
Among the many gifts which You renew in us
each day, O God, we cherish above all the faith
which inspires and lights our way. And because
one size does not fit all, each of us receives Your
gift according to a tradition or even a culture.
Your word arrives so that each of us is able to
receive it and invited to say YES. Open our
hearts and through our Lenten prayer enlighten
us to honor the faith differences which abound
among us so the light of Your kin[g]dom will
shine on earth as it is in heaven today and
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5 days ago

We are unaccustomed, O God, to live each day
without plans as to where we will go or what
we will do. It is a trial for us to let go, and that
is precisely what is being asked of us. Is our
introduction to trusting the views of our health
care workers an opening to trusting Your word?
Give us a clean heart that will hear the
directives of those who work for our health.
As we listen to them, teach us to listen to You
today and forever
+++++ +++++ 251 +++++ +++++
“Go and do not sin any more” are words of relief
as well as challenge, O God. To be told that we
are is released from the demons of our past is
a gift that brings joy beyond our grasp. And in
that moment we realize that because our
brokenness is part of who we are, we yet pray
that Your Spirit will give us a heart that will
counter the attractions which daily take our
behaviors from Your path of righteousness
today and forever
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6 days ago

All too often it takes us some time to learn to
heed Your word, O God, and today we are in
the midst of discerning to whom, among our
brothers and sisters, should we listen. Our
directives are simple, and like Naaman who
was asked to wash in the Jordan, we may
have our doubts about what we are told.
Teach us to listen with a clean heart so that
we will protect ourselves and our neighbors
and so arrive in good health to give You
praise today and forever
+++++ +++++ 34 +++++ +++++
You give us this gift of life, O God, and day by
day, we are learning how to nourish and care
for it. While we look for space to hear and
understand the differences among us, we also
search for remedies to combat the illnesses
which keep us from living as a people. Our
prayer is ever the same. Teach us to live life
to the fullest so that in all we do and say, we
will give You praise and thanksgiving today
and forever
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1 week ago

It is taking time, but surely we are learning to
let go, O God, and the lesson is not easy. We
are a people accustomed to being in charge
and making decisions that affect our lives, but
in this Lenten season another has come to lead
us to go and to do as we do not choose to go.
Help us to learn the proper use of our decision
making talents as we learn to rely on Your
guidance through all that comes our way today
and forever
+++++ +++++ 249 +++++ +++++
We pray in the midst of many doubts, O God,
and while we listen to and work to follow those
who have been chosen to lead, we are in touch
with the movements of our own hearts. We are
well aware that the heart has reasons which
reason cannot grasp. Continue to open us to
the light of Your Spirit who we trust will guide
and protect us in all we do and say today and
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1 week ago

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